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Prairie View Rest Home – Lewis County, Missouri

A group from Quincy, Illinois traveled to Lewis County Missouri to visit the abandoned Prairie View Rest Home. There are reports of strange happenings inside this building. The facility was originally built as a poor house. People traded farm labor for a place to live and a meal. It was converted to a nursing home in the 1950′s and closed in the 1980′s. The building sits all alone in the middle of a field just West of the Lewis County fairgrounds.
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9 Responses to “Prairie View Rest Home – Lewis County, Missouri”

  1. zachypoo2010 says:

    dang at 118 in the video i did see someon moving on balcony..
    this is a very scary place

  2. phantomsgirl16 says:

    umm actually my mom worked there it was closed in 1991

  3. phenixred1 says:

    at 1:18 were there people on the balcony on the 3rd floor when you were filming that? cause i see 2 people moving around.

  4. johnsamanthaira says:

    I Grew up in lewistown & me in sum friends went there in the middle of the night & I chickend out cuz it looked like smoke was comin outta the chimmney but my friends went & made it to the porch & herd sum banging & came runnin back to the car where I was it was prob these guys filming lol they have a old slave cemetary behind it sumwhere im surprised they didnt look at that. My old house in lewistown w’out a doubt is haunted if they wanted to check it out my uncle lives there now

  5. GNcmsf says:

    i just went there like an hour ago and we saw a figure in our camera when we zoomed in and it was leanin in and out of the window!! it was creepy!!!

  6. GNcmsf says:

    OMG HOLY SHRAP THIS IS JUST LIKE UP THE ROAD FROM MY HOUSE!!!!!!!! IM SCARED HOLY SHRAP! (I live in Tolona which is very very close!)

  7. 2010Jessicalynn says:

    not sure if the is correct been there on halloween on a full moon and all kinda of times and never seen nothing

  8. tarat0211 says:

    My sister and I check this place out while visiting my grandparents in Lewistown. Creepy place. We went every except the basement

  9. kimmyg22 says:

    My great unlce Otto Arend died there in 1956. He was a inmate.